By David Stone

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     Here are some things you should know about your refrigerator. First, do not under any circumstances remove the power supply cord ground prong. For your personal safety, your appliance must be grounded.. (Do not use extension cord.)

     If your refrigerator is a clean-back styling no air space is needed. It can be built in or placed flush to the wall.
If your refrigerator has a coil on the back of it leave a 3 air space above and a 1 space between rear coils and wall. So air can circulate freely.

     Your refrigerator has a coils on the back, or underneath, behind the air grille. You should vacuum or brush these coils whenever dusty, (at least every six months). Keeping the coils clean making your refrigerator run more economically and quieter.

     If you have an automatic ice maker in your refrigerator, and the ice maker stops making ice, check first to ensure the ice maker is turned to the "on" position, and the water is still on to your ice maker. Some of you like to remove the ice from the ice maker, to store extra ice. When doing this, seal the ice in a plastic bag to keep out tastes, and odors from other food in the refrigerator.

     The controls in your refrigerator are designed to be adjusted....Don't be afraid to use them. First never put hot food in your refrigerator let it cool to room temperature. The light bulb in your refrigerator should only be replaced with a 40-watt appliance bulb..

     Set your refrigerator-freezer temperature to suit your climate, and household needs. Most of the time, the colder the refrigerator section, the better. As long as your milk, and fresh vegetables are not frozen, your refrigerator section is not too cold? Ice cream is the best check of the freezer temperature; It should be firm. If it is hard to serve, and bricklike, the freezer is colder than necessary.

     The cold control in your refrigerator is a thermostat. It senses the temperature in the refrigerator and controls the compressor running time. Adjust this control first, if the refrigerator or freezer is not cold enough; turn the cold control to a higher number. If the refrigerator or freezer sections are too cold, turn the cold control to a lower number.